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Unpopular Thanksgiving Opinions

Get ready to be outraged:  I don’t like Thanksgiving.  Turkey is fine and all, but it’s definitely not one of my favorite types of poultry.  When people decide that duck is appropriate to eat at Thanksgiving, you can call me.  But on Thanksgiving, it’s inevitable that someone has dried out the bird, and the only thing worse than dry turkey is…well, nothing.

Stuffing is okay too, and sometimes it’s absolutely delicious, but a big mound of stale breadcrumbs is not enough to make a meal.  In the Vella family, it’s all about the food, so if you want to see what a real holiday is like, come see us on Christmas eve where we serve course after course of bomb ass food.  Thanksgiving, however, is not where the Vella’s shine, mostly because Thanksgiving food is boring.  Yeah, I said it.  And I’m not sorry.

But it’s not even the entree that I have the biggest problem.  It’s the desserts.  Pumpkin and Apple pie.  Here are some very clear reasons for my hatred:

  1. I’m just not all that into pie crust.  I’m know there are some better than others.  But whoever has made my apple pies the past 30 years certainly doesn’t have the ratios down.  Typically I find pie crust to be dry over flaky.  No thank you.
  2. I don’t like warm fruit.  I just don’t, I can’t explain it.
  3. I hate hate hate nutmeg.  Anything pumpkin flavored is basically just a bunch of clove and nutmeg and I think it’s way overused.  

So it’s all a matter of preference, but mine happens to be an unpopular one.  So what do I typically do on Thanksgiving?  I load my plate up with mash potatoes and Brussel sprouts and I skip dessert.  But I’m not doing that this year.  No way.  Skipping dessert is bullshit,  I live for dessert.  This year I’m taking matters into my own hands.  I’m making something for myself…sure, other people can have some too.  I’m not going to eat an entire cake by myself.  But this is about me, and my dessert is going to include chocolate, because dammit, dessert means chocolate.  There, I said it.  I feel so much better.

Ginger Choc cake 1

Here’s what I baked, a chocolate ginger bundt cake.  The recipe didn’t include ginger, but because I’m not a total scrooge, I decided to be a little festive.

I am so thankful for my readers.  Thanksgiving, in spite of the crappy food, is special to me.  I am so grateful for the many wonderful faces around my dinner table.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.