Is this thing on?

Is anyone reading this?  Is anyone going to read it?  It’s sort of a scary thing – starting a blog.  Perhaps I’m just sharing personal information on the internet that no one will read (except the NSA, of course.)  I am not very good at self-promotion, in fact I hate it.  Which is surprising because I’m the youngest child and my first sentence was practically “Look at me, pay attention to me!!!”  So – I’m not sure how good I’ll be at plugging the blog to ensure a reader or two.

Writing is my catharsis, so if no one read this, at least I’ve gotten it all out there.  So here’s a few things you (the reader – real or imaginary) can expect to see here:

  • Wine and Cocktail thoughts, stories, favorites
  • Recipe mishaps and victories
  • Party hosting tips, plans, suggestions, and/or things NOT to do
  • The occasional lunatic-inspired rant

Ciao Bellas!

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