WWCTD – What Would College Tess Do?

I’ve been slow to post this week.  Around 5:00 on Sunday evening I got knocked on my ass with a sinus infection.  I spent 3 hours at an urgent care on Monday evening.  (By the way…if you want to see what’s wrong with the world, spend an evening in a minute clinic waiting room in the suburbs of Ohio.)   Anyhoo – I’ve been extremely boring this week as a result of my illness.  I’ve been lying on the couch day in and day out, drinking tea, watching chick flicks, and working my way through an entire box of Kleenex (the kind with aloe is a must.)   I haven’t changed from my favorite, old grubby tee shirt in 5 days, my hair is matted to my head…seriously, I am a vision.

On Saturday, before all of this snotty madness happened, one of my girlfriends from college said she was going to be in town and asked if I wanted to get together.  I was pumped!  Visions of College Tess danced through my head.  College Tess was – well, let’s just say – she was a bit of a hot mess.  A party girl in the truest sense, danced on tables, drank the night away, and was famous for a move called “Do splits behind the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings on Brown Street.”  Are you cringing while you read this?  Me too.  Ok so I’m not proud of my old self, but she was a lot of fun, and she certainly knew how to live it up.   Sinus Infection Tess could learn a thing or two from her.

College Tess: sucking back a gin and soda…classy.   P.S. Do you see that girl in the background judging me?  That’s ok, I judge me too.

These days it’s rare that one of my college friends comes into town.  As time passes after college, and everyone has gotten married/knocked up, the occasions to get together are becoming less frequent.  Part of me wants to knock back a few Advil, drag a comb through my knotted hair, throw on a pair of heels and do it up – College Tess style.  However, the sensible side of me is coaxing me back into bed with a tub of vicks vaporrub, a fluffy bathrobe, and she’s already cued up “Love Actually” on Netflix.   Sensible Tess is reminding me that I’m on antibiotics and I can’t drink, which is like my favorite hobby.  Plus, I haven’t graduated to the school of thought that you can still have fun without booze.   College Tess is saying “who the hell cares if you’re on amoxicillin, that just means you can’t have hard liquor – grab a glass of wine, girlfriend!”

I’ve got a few more hours to figure out which side will win this war:  The Angel on my shoulder, rattling my prescription bottle to lure me back to bed, or the Devil with the shot in one hand, and the other helping me onto the bar stool.  

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